Bellewoods Floor Plan & Brochure

Bellewoods EC floor plans and detailed brochure can be downloaded by clicking the icon:


Typical Floor Plan & Unit Size

The residential units are designed to be efficient for optimal living space and furniture placement thanks to their regular and squarish layouts.

  • 2 Bedroom (786-1066 sq ft) From $6xxK [SOLD OUT]
  • 3 Bedroom (936-1281 sq ft) From $7xxK
  • 4 Bedroom (1152-1378 sq ft) From $8xxK
  • 5 Bedroom (1528-1550 sq ft) From $1,1xxK

Here’s a quick view of some typical Bellewoods floor plan layout.

Bellewoosd floor plan 3bedroom premiumBellewoosd floor plan 3bedroom


Bellewoosd floor plan 4bedroomBellewoosd floor plan edroom

Bellewoods EC Site Plan



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